My very first publication in a magazine and a Webitorial!

A year ago I said: I want to be in magazines and on covers with the people that I have around me that have so much talent and aren't seen the way I see them.

Working with a team makes the experience super fun and really gives allot of energy. Seeing so many creative souls walking around to make that everlasting photo.

For more than a year I have constantly been working non-stop and learning allot about my passion for the craft of photography. I never studied at a photography school, but just by learning from tutorials, workshops and just photographing every idea I have in the way I see it playing over and over again in my head.

Not to say you should never go to school, because it gives you connections to people in the industry faster, your going places that will help your career and doors that that you might get to open that someone ,ike me woudl have to build in a different way than a student. Not to mention the equiptment that I buy and a student could problably rent at a school. It's not easy to be seen in the big ocean of photography let alone it be someone like me that starts out the way people like me do. Then again more and more peple do it the way I do, so I could image it be hard for anyone now.

Times are changing. Just pick up the camera, watch tutorials for days and hours and just practice everyday or atleast every week to get better at whatever it is that you do. But me saying that probably might not be appriciated by other photographers who went to school fot it. I think. But it is what got me to this point. Just do it with whatever is around you.

If you would see the photo's I made in the beginning....

Then my brother-in-law saw a few photo's I made with a New Face model and said: ok, you really ned to submit these photo's. The magazines are gonna love this.

So besides turorials and two workshops, I happen to have a Brother-in-law who is a professional yeah that also helps haha.

I learned allot from him and now he doesn't even look at me after seeing one photo I made during a shoot.

Get out of my face...I done. And then just walks off.

So then I post a photo of the shoot on my Instagram story and a amagazine called Dolor Magazine for some reason found it and reached out to me if I wanted to submit some of the photo's.....uhm excuse me? I'm not saying no to that ma'me.

After that I submitted to 4 more independent magazines from Canada and France and the all accepted.

I was always hoping one day to be on a cover of Vogue, Glamour or Elle.

But now there are many magazines that have announced that they will no longer appear on the shelves. And it is not clear what will happen to the world of magazines living in a digital world.