Publieke werken 2021

I sometimes still can't believe it. For someone else this may be a small thing, but I have never had my work exposed like this. I just gave it a shot submitted my work and thought, we'll see.

The work has been chosen by Publieke Werken Rotterdam to exhibit with 650 other diverse artists. A total of 1100 people took part. A nice booklet has also been made in which all works of art can be seen.

I never expected that my work would be noticed out of hundreds. And yet it hung in the Maastunnel for a month for hundreds to see. The work will hang there until tomorrow in the Maastunnel (pedestrian path) in Rotterdam.

Also along the road past Kwarwei on the street side on a standing billboard. It's awsome to see people looking at it and trying to figure out whats going on on the photo. The opening was on 2the second of Juli. Anyone who loves the work could also buy it. The idea that someone has the option to buy this as well is pretty cool. These kind of small steps still make those meters to grow within the art of photography.

More information can be found on the Public Works Rotterdam website.