My first lingerie fotoshoot

Sometimes you take a picture and then you suddenly get the idea for a new concept. That's what happened to this photo.

This is my sister Morena. She is a professional all-round dancer and entertainer. That day I was sitting in my old daylight studio in Rotterdam and the sun shone very nicely inside. Because we had two very long large windows with a piece of wall in between, you got a natural light in which my sister was standing. Her clothes gave me a lingerie feeling and I immediately thought: hey, I've never actually done a lingerie shoot before. And so I went to Marlies Dekkers' Instagram and asked if I could shoot a few sets for my portfolio.

They were super sweet and liked the idea I wanted to do (sent a mood board). They neatly send me the package with the beautiful selected lingerie to my house. I had already made my planning and immediately started arranging models (call via Instagram and and a make up artist. Once I had all my models, we went into the studio a week after.

Because I had to move out of the old studio, I had to look for a new one. So it put the whole shoot on hold. When I found a new studio I now had to build the idea myself on the set to mimic the effect. This studio didn't have the windows and the natural light from the side, but from the top. By foam boards I wanted to try it.

The make up artists Giullia wanted to be my testmodel so that I could search and test before the models came to the studio. That was my only moment I could try to figure it out, and It was my very first time doing it like this.

This took some searching and sliding, but it worked!

We had a lot of fun during the shoot and achieved great results.

See the results below :)

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Giulia Picolli MUA and stylist

“Beautiful work, great use of shadow and light. She is also original and the results are very unique! Nice to work with, knows what she wants, is organized and structured.”

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